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junec's Journal

21 July 1941
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I am a widow living in a village just outside Burnley, Lancashire (not too far from Gisburn) I have three children and six grandchildren. Before retiring I ran a successful Picture Framing business that developed into a cash'n carry for other framers. Now spend/waste my time messing with photoshop, reading and knitting. I like to make my own photoshop brushes/textures/patterns etc. Am trying to learn a little Dutch so I can look cool to my grandchildren who put me to shame as they are bi-lingual!, and trying to grow old as disgracefully as possible.
alex walkinshaw, avid reader, being lazy, cake, children's books, csi.flowers. hate weeding., eating out, knitting and crochet, learning dutch., love photoshop, mind games. richard armitage, murder books, photography, quizzes, sewing, tv crime shows