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It's Stopped Raining!!!

The last week or two have been dreadful here in the soggy North.  I've totally given up on TV weather reports.  If they want to save money they could sack the lot of the weather staff and just give us all a piece of seaweed - it would probably be a lot more accurate but, today is dry, quite pleasant and even sunny on and off.

Have now had results from hospital tests which, according to my doctor's secretary who read them out to me over the 'phone, say 'nothing serious' which is somewhat of a relief.  No doubt I shall have to go in and see him properly to get the full picture but I feel a lot more positive. Especially as my next-door neighbour, who had similar problems but much more severe, died a week or so ago - makes you worry a bit!

Last Friday I went into Manchester to meet friends.  We had a lovely wander round Manchester Art Gallery and I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well attended the gallery is.  Also had a nice lunch and catch-up natter.

Grand-daughter in Holland has a birthday at the end of this month and I'm told she and her sister are into witches at the moment so I have bought them witch costumes for the birthday party.  I am also told by my son that what she really wants for her present is a magic wand - problem is she wants one that works (isn't it lovely what you believe at 7).

Funny Week

I haven't posted for a while as I have been caught up in school holiday kiddie looking after some days and trying to keep myself sane on the others.

Finally had my appointment with the hospital and they have stuck a heart monitor on me, literally - don't think I'll ever get the sticky pads off! I have got to wear it until Friday then take it back to them - it's a bit like being back at school because they have given me a little 'diary' to fill in as well when I am having a dicky turn.  My daughter has named me 'Taliban Mum' because I've gor wires sticking out of my chest - just hope I don't run into any anti-terrorist police.

Also made a huge boob - it is about 12 months since I bought my new car so I have just renewed my Insurance on Aug 9th, just assumed tax was the same until I looked and it ran out at the end of June!!!! Que a quick re-tax on-line session with the DVLA.  Some days I just shouldn't be let out. 

I've been working on some more artwork and managed to get a (very) small pic published in Photoshop Creative magazine and I've just done my entries for Richard_Stills - I'm not at all confident with icons but if you don't try you never get anywhere.  As I can't really go out anywhere decent while I'm all wired up I am catching up with my artwork and my knitting.

Nice Lazy Day

It was my birthday yesterday so I did very little except sit back, read my book and stuff my face.  I should have been catching up with the washing but thought it could wait until to-day!!

Going on the richardarmitagenet.com Mills week-end on Friday.  Lovely to meet up with friends again for a good natter and catch-up. Especially as there is now absolutely nothing to watch on TV on Saturdays now that poor Guy of Gisbourne is no more. In fact Saturday night is now the best night of the week to catch up with the stuff I have Sky+'d or dvd's that I've been meaning to watch.

I have been working on some new wallpapers - as my life is Guyless at the moment and we have to wait quite a while before Spooks starts. 

Are You A Lady?

You Are 60% Lady
You're part lady, part modern woman.
Etiquette is important to you, but you brush aside rules that are outdated or silly.

Keeping Busy

It has been a rather fraught couple of weeks.  Daughter's firm went bust and everyone was out of a job overnight - this of course happened three days before they were due to be paid.  What really upset the apple cart is that the bosses must have known they were in trouble yet they encouraged various staff members to carry on as usual visiting clients and paying out for hotel bills, travelling etc; so, as well as wages, a lot of them are owed expenses as well!  Luckily for most of them they work in an industry where everyone knows everyone and there were rival companies offering jobs very quickly.  For daughter she was re-employed within a week and is just hanging on now for payday as, by the time she is paid, it will be 2 months since she had any income!

I have now had so many blood tests they must have checked me for every disease known to man! We have a new nurse at my doctor's and although she is very gentle and I didn't feel a thing, after taking the last lot of blood she stuck one of those diddy round plasters on my arm - of course as I was leaving I noticed blood dripping down my arm so went back and she had to bind it up properly!! Looked as though I'd had my arm cut off when she had finished. Her last words were 'don't go out through the waiting room you might frighten the others who are waiting'!!!

It has been really lovely here the last few days, been sitting out enjoying the garden, and I couldn't believe the problems other parts of the Country have had when I saw them on the News - then this morning here it has gone colder and is pouring down and blowing a gale - that'll teach me to be smug.

Enjoyed Robin Hood on Saturday.  At last they are coming up with decent scripts, about time to it's only taken them 10 episodes. The scenes with Jonas and Richard were much better, not too sure about the new boy Archer yet, a bit too cocky for me but we'll see how he develops. Some nice comedy elements and one-liners.

Read about the new castings for The Bill for when it goes to one episode a week and pleased to see that my other top totty is still there (and promoted). Apparently Primeval has died the death which is a pain as they left it on a cliff-hanger.  Yes, we could see a mile off how it was going to be resolved but if they were going to shelve it (the excuse is budget cuts) then the least they could have done was make a one-off 'special'  to tie everything up.  A lot of kids watched that show for the monsters etc they will be very disappointed. No doubt, knowing ITV, the early Saturday evening slot will now be filled with reality/tv clips or quiz shows.

Have now finished the second book in Steig Larssons's trilogy.  Can't recommend these too highly they are an excellent read starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the second one The Girl who played with fire, but I am going to have to wait until October for the third and last novel. Might give ma a chance to catch up with my 'to be read' pile.

I'm a medical wierdo!!

Been back to the doc's to find that my heart is beating irregularly and I have an underactive thyroid.  Problem is that if he gives me pills for the Thyroid thingy they make your heart beat faster which doesn't help the other thing. Apart from that I am 'in wonderful condition for my age' (cheeky sod).  Now have to wait until 26th June to see heart specialist so he can tell my doc to prescribe pills for the heart thing - talk about long-winded.

On Sunday met with RA friends and we had a lovely lunch out. Sat outside in the sunshine, had a really nice time and I am now the colour of a fairly well-done lobster but have slapped on the after-sun and it seems to be working ok.

Robin Hood - at last this week the writers turned in a decent script - so far they have been fairly ropey but RA at last had something to get his teeth into and his acting was superb. That man can show a whole range of emotions just with a change of expression.  I have often heard about actors wanting to be filmed from their 'good side' Richard doesn't have a bad side, he looks great from all angles!  I still think that in this series Guy has had quite a look of Richard III going on and, after Saturday's execution episode, if they ever re-make A Tale of Two Cities he should be a shoe-in for Sydney Carton.

Keith Allan has been sadly missed over the last three weeks, as much as I have enjoyed the antics of Prince John, Toby Stephens played him beautifully in a very camp sort of way.  Keith and Richard are both good actors but together they just seem to spark off each other and the scenes are that much better.  I agree with the young man (Aged 9) who wrote to the papers complaining about the amount of snogging in Robin Hood.  in his words - in the last series Robin kept snogging  Marion, now he snogs anything that moves! (Much, Allan and Little John better be careful). So much for mourning Marion - that lasted all of two episodes if that.

For all the actors I think they have not been well-served by the scriptwriters this time and quite often they have had to do their best with some dreadful rubbish lines.  The BBC are forever moaning about budgets and drama being expensive to produce, then they bring in well-know good actors like David Harewood and Joanna Froggatt (not to mention the various guest actors) at what must be pretty substantial fees, then give them rubbish scripts.  it just does not make any sense.

Have had to make do with Richard as eye candy this week (not complaining you understand he is very attractive eye candy) but there has been no The Bill or Primeval.  Oh well another week starts and they are both on this week.

What's Your Medieval Profession?

Fairly accurate.  'You like to know what's going on' I think is a polite way of saying you're a nosey sod!!

You Are a Messenger
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And to be honest, your also a bit of a gossip. You like to know what's going on with people.

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In modern times, you would make a good journalist or diplomat.

Just Looking

It's been quite a fraught week, family problems etc., but things are looking up again and my eldest grandson is 18 to-day, God alone knows what state he will be in tomorrow when his mates have finished with him!

I'm also quietly pleased with myself for having learned how to change the banner at the top of my LJ page.  Have had the banner done for a while and kept looking at the 'how to' so just decided to bash on and have a try, managed it at the second attempt so (to paraphrase Prince John) Hooray for me!!

I've got to the age now where I can look at lovely looking men on TV or film, admire them and sit back and just enjoy the view. I know I'll never meet any of them and even if I did I'm old enough to be their mum - contrary to all the tales in the newspapers, the brain doesn't age in the 'ooo he's tasty' department!  So these are my current three favourites to look at.  You young ladies can admire the George Clooney's of this world but I am obviously an arrested adolescent and prefer to look at younger men! (All except Arrow Boy of course I'm not that desperate).

Had to make a rare visit to my Doc this week - he seems to think I may have a dicky ticker so am going for an ECG a week on Tuesday. He then said 'how long is it since we had any of your blood?' sounded  like a bloody vampire so he's put me down for a few donations of that as well. I feel fine but not taking any chances, probably end up with rainbow coloured horse pills.

Browned Off

I ordered some new shelving for my office/study as it had started to resemble the local church jumble sale.  This, of course, involved shifting everything and stacking up the stuff I want to keep in the living room, so the whole house now looks like Little Orphan Annie lives here.

Got an email to say shelves & boxes would delivered to-day by Fed-Ex so I got up at stupid 0'clock this morning (they have been known to arrive before 8:00am before now).  About half an hour ago I got another email from the supplier saying they had cocked up their despatch yesterday and it won't be arriving now until tomorrow. Grrrrr......

Other than that I've not done an awful lot this week, although when sorting the office out it was amazing how much junk I managed to get rid of - thank the Lord that it is bin-day tomorrow.

Grandkids are on school holiday and daughter has promised to take C to Manchester Museum - she want to see a dinosaur.  C did say that she would have to make sure not to get too near to them, even though she knows they are only skellingtons (her word) she is still not taking any chances.  After her school trip to one of the mills where they filmed North & South, the school arranged another event for them -Warburtons bakers came into the school and helped them all to make bread.  I thought they would bring the dough ready risen but no, they made the children make it from scratch.  Daughter and I are very miffed as C's loaf turned out beautiful - every time we have tried to make bread we have ended up with wonderful door-stops. You could have built walls with mine!!

Watched Robin Hood merely to keep up with the story line as there was no Richard this week, but it just isn't the same without Guy.  From what I have seen in small remarks in various newspapers/Radio Times etc., other TV critics and reviewers all say the same.  As good as Keith is, he really needs Richard's Guy to bounce his evil off, it just doesn't seem to work with anyone else.  We are still getting the worthy moralising speeches, from Tuck this week, and I dearly want to slap Kate - the most irritating character in it.

Oh well, hopefully when I post my next entry I will have a beautifully neat office with everything in it's place (don't hold your breath).

Spooks Wallpaper

Forgot to post this.  I was thrilled to bits to get third place in the Richard Armitage Art Challenges wallpaper comp.  I enjoy wallpapers 'cos I can stick all sorts of stuff in them that don't work so well on smaller projects. I can mess about to my heart's content and quite often you end up with the most strange stuff and if it looks good you just have to remember how you got there!